Cara Abulencia Melloh, Founder

Cara Abulencia Melloh is a 2nd generation Filipino-American.  After graduating from UC Berkeley at the Haas School of Business with a degree in Business Administration and obtaining an MBA from USC, she worked in finance at a number of entertainment studios including Showtime and The Walt Disney Company.  She left the entertainment world as the VP of Financial Planning and Analysis at Paramount Television to focus on her children.  Cara started Tagalog Kids to create a playful and challenging environment where children (including her own) would be proud and happy to learn Tagalog, as well as gain a deep understanding and appreciation of the Filipino language and culture.

Dannie Cruz- Tagalog Teacher, Pasadena & Los Angeles

I am fluent in Tagalog and English.  I immigrated here back in 2006, spent my teen years in National City, CA and moved to LA for college.  I have six years of tutoring experience from elementary kids to high school kids with Math, Science, English and History.  I tutored in National City Middle School, UCLA Leeds Lab School, and with Tutor Doctor. My high school offered Filipino 7/8 which is the most advanced level and I took it as a class for a year.  I also took a Filipino writing and literature upper division class with Anne when I was at UCLA. I was also fortunate enough to be one of the coordinators for a student run class at UCLA teaching about Pilipino empowerment and culture for three quarters.  I was in charge of student growth and development and outside the classroom activities such as having them students shadow upper class student leaders. I work hard and I have a strong sense of initiative and integrity in me. 


Currently, I am starting two part time jobs this September. One is in Westwood for teaching students who have autism in terms of socializing and another as an event planning assistant in Downtown.  I am interested in the position as I want to do something relevant to Pilipino culture, my community. 


Tagalog Kids is a Tagalog school geared towards children of all ages.  Our vision is to create an environment where children fall in love with learning Tagalog through a creative and stimulating curriculum.  

At Tagalog Kids, the students will discover the joy of learning Tagalog, and also develop a lifelong passion and appreciation for the Filipino language and culture.